Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rosalie and Parker

Rosalie and Parker are quite the pair! For those of you who don't know, Parker is our goddaughter ... she is absolutely precious! Liza, Parker, Rose and I spent the afternoon and early evening together today while Josh was out of town. We went to the zoo and had so much fun! Then, the girls took a bath together-I have never seen anything more adorable in my life ... they love each other sooo much!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears ... oh my!

My first official Mother's Day started out great with some yummy butterscotch pancakes and bacon ... and then I started feeling sorry for myself because all the flood stuff ... we really didn't do anything for our anniversary because of it ... and it looked as if we weren't going to do anything for Mother's Day either and I had just had enough of flood stuff for the week! We ended up going to the zoo and getting a membership and had so much fun--it was Rosalie's first trip to the zoo! She especially liked the fish. :) We had so much fun! What a great day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New chair ... and flood recovery

Rosalie has a brand new high chair seat ... and seems to like sitting in it though not when she is fussing! She likes to attempt to drink out of cups now but can't quite figure it out and screams uncontrollably when you take the cup away. She is growing so much ... and getting smarter every day! She sat up on her own for the first time (without leaning over) today ... she is getting so big!!!!! We are slowly recovering from the flood and are luckier than most--thanks to the great neighbors we have our house is back in order though we have to wait on an insurance adjustor before we can make any of the necessary repairs. Thankfully, we still have flood insurance. For the time being, the only effect on us is the lack of air/heat! So Rosalie is sleeping with us for now so we can make sure she stays cool/warm depending on the night.

Monday, May 3, 2010

More flood photos

More amazing photos from the recent flooding. In the first picure you can see our next door neighbors swimming out to their shed to rescue their gardening equipment. The shed eventually washed away. The rest of the pictures are just photos of our house and our neighbors' homes. Luckily, other than trapping us in our homes, the water has not caused too much damage in new homes on our street. Unfortunately, several of the homes further down the street were flooded.

Rosalie and the (not so) Great Flood!

It has certainly been an eventful day on Beth Drive. Historically, this is the worst flood Nashville has experienced. We had more than 13 inches of rain over a two day period and the Opryland hotel has 6 feet of water in the lobby. The water in our backyard is over eight feet deep and the water in the front of our house is about a 1.5 feet deep! Rosalie has taken it all in stride. She seems a little curious about the water but, with the exception of her cold, she is her normal happy self.