Monday, August 30, 2010

A visit from the grandparents and a dip in the pool

Rosalie's grandparents dropped by for a visit and Rosalie was so glad to see them. We had a nice weekend and Rosalie got to spend a little time in her pool. Mom provided the waterfall and Rosalie splashed and played--smiling, as usual.

Running with the pack and tickling the ivory

Rosalie has started cruising and loves to run with the puppies (but it seems to frighten Scoots and Lucy a little!). She has started pulling up on any and every stationary object she can find inlcuding the drawer of dog food. As you can see, she also recently discovered the piano and likes to tap out tunes for us.

A day at the zoo. Rosalie hasn't picked out a favorite animal yet but she seems to enjoy the play area the most. As you can see, Rosalie made a new friend and enjoyed a ride on the carousel. She is just getting bigger everyday and will be a big girl soon!