Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleep Woes and Sweet Potatoes

Alas ... for three nights in a row my precious Rose slept from 8 to 5 am ... I was in sleep heaven! Last night while daddy was out of town on business, she woke up at 10 pm, 12:30, 1:30, 3:40, 5:30 ... and up for the day at 6:20 am ... "they" tell me that babies will sleep through the night soon .... I think I will believe when I see it for more than three nights in a row!! :) We are definitely taking it easy today!

But I digress--for the fun part--Rosalie loves, loves sweet potatoes! Posting some sweet potatoe face pics for you all to enjoy ... and today marks another special day, Rosalie Grace Baker is six months old today .... so hard to believe that we have been blessed with this sweet angel for half a year already. Time flies when you are having fun! Enjoy the new pics!

Also if anyone reads this blog today, please pray for Ayden Avery Mills having open heart surgery today at Vandy--he is just one week old and the precious baby boy of some dear friends of ours.

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