Monday, May 10, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears ... oh my!

My first official Mother's Day started out great with some yummy butterscotch pancakes and bacon ... and then I started feeling sorry for myself because all the flood stuff ... we really didn't do anything for our anniversary because of it ... and it looked as if we weren't going to do anything for Mother's Day either and I had just had enough of flood stuff for the week! We ended up going to the zoo and getting a membership and had so much fun--it was Rosalie's first trip to the zoo! She especially liked the fish. :) We had so much fun! What a great day!


  1. Josh gets props for Mother's Day breakfast :) Daphney and I went to the zoo for Mother's Day too! Rosalie is so beautiful! Praying that life is on the fast track back to normal for you guys! Take care!

  2. That granddaughter is sooo adorable. She looks like she is growing so fast!